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Louvre Pronunciation

Feb 15 2012
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Louvre Pronunciation
How to pronounce Louvre? Practice your French r's

If English is your first language, "Louvre" is difficult to pronounce correctly. We just don't have those rolled r's that you find in French, Spanish, Italian. French is full of words that end with consonant-r-e (and sometimes a silent s). For example, oeuvre, Louvre, Chartres, Ingres. Louvre is pronounced, in French, as one syllable, with a soft but audible, slightly guttural, "r" after the v.

If you can't roll your r's, the solution is to either drop the r, pronouncing it loove, OR, to break it into two syllables, LOO-vruh. Neither of these solutions is very elegant, but will get your point across. The best thing to do is practice rolling your r's.

Listen to the Louvre pronunciation here:


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